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Will you sponsor me?

To be considered for sponsorship, resumes are accepted year round and only directly through Ride Eng. Please allow at least four weeks for a reply. Submit to racesupport@ride-engineering.com, with the subject: SPONSORSHIP REQUEST. We encourage the previous year's detailed race results with highlights after that for a 3 year total. One or two photos of rider and current bike/trailer/etc. is also ideal. Simple bullet point format, NO long paragraphs over two sentences. Applicants may also fax requests to 949 722 8370, same format applies. Applicants providing e-mail addresses will always be responded to first. We will respond by e-mail or fax, but never by phone or mail. After receiving our offer, you can email, mail or fax back the signed aggreement. Once, received, you may call us at 949 722 8354 M-F from 9am to 3pm Pacific time with an order. This action binds the rider to the terms and conditions specified in the offer, to the date specified. Please be advised that nothing will be sent to you (tee shirts, decals, etc.) until your initial order is placed.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation,
Adrian Ciomo
Ride Engineering Inc.

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