2017-'18 CRF450R/RX PULLROD +1MM $199.95

 Ride Engineering 2017+ CRF450R/RX PULL RODS

Some of the Dirt Rider testers, and the Ride Engineering folks, felt like the 2017-2018 Honda chassis had some room for improvement. One of these areas was the front-wheel traction or feel. At times, under acceleration or when the front end is unweighted, the CRF's front end can lack feel or simply want to turn left when the track or trail goes right. Another big issue was that once the front wheel got away from you (especially when off-road riding), there was little to no change of getting it back, which could be scary. One way to change the overall balance of the chassis is to put more weight on the front wheel.

Some of the things you can try to correct this sensation might include: raising the fork legs in the triple clamps, opening rebound on the shock, stiffening the compression on the shock, adding more preload to the shock spring, or maybe even adding a stiffershock spring. The downfall to making some of these changes is they might result in some unwanted side effects. Fortunately, something that is becoming more common is optional-length linkage pullrods.

We tested several different lengths of Ride Engineeing pullrods on the 2017 CRF450R and RX under various riding conditions. We tried 1.0, 1.25, and 1.5mm longer but felt the farther we went from 1.0, the more we were losing the benefits gained without revalving the shock specifically for those lengths. The best overall lenght was +1mm (0.040 inch) over stock. With the longer pullrods, we could use a more typical 103 to 104mm of sag to balance out the chassis, resulting in a more planted front wheel. This allowed the Rider to be more confident in the direction of where the bike was going. Additionally, it made the Honda easier to recover when you felt like you were going to lose the front wheel. This made it easier to push the bike a little harder, resulting in faster lap times and better trail speed. Traction accelerating out of corners was also improved.

Installation was not that complicated and takes about 20 minutes - 35 minutes if you have an RX model since you will have to remove the left-side footpeg/kickstand mount to access the linkage pivot bolt. The Ride Engineering rods are billet machined from 2024 aluminum alloy and include the needle bearings and the bearing seals that are preinstalled so you will only need to swap the bearing spacer and collars from your existing pullrods.

Overall, if you are looking to change the balance of your chassis or just get the front wheel a little more planted on your CRF450R/RX this is a product that can do that for you. The Ride Engineering pullrods work regardless of your weight, riding level, suspension valving, spring settings, or conditions you ride in with ver minimal side effects. - Allan Brown

Rated 95
DESIGN 10/10
PRICE 9/10

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