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CRF 22mm Offset Triple Clamps- BLUE

CRF Triple Clamps-BLUE

Price: $549.90
Application: 2009-2018 CR450F & CR250F 2010-2017
Description:Save $100 on this custom colored set. Recommended offset for 09-12 & 17-18 crf450r. Please specify year so we install the corrrect bearing.

CRF 22mm Offset Triple Clamps-blem

CRF Triple Clamps

Price: $425.00
Application: 2013-2018 CR450F & CR250F 2014-2017
Description:New clamps with a tiny blemish on bottom clamp very hard to see. Recommended for 17-18 crf450r/x. Also recommended for 09-12 crf450r (let us know what year bike and we will install proper bearing).

Used - 20mm Offset YZF Triple Clamps-Silver

YZF Triple Clamps

Price: $310.00
Application: 2010-2018 YZ450F & YZ250F 2012-2018; YZ250FX/WR250F 2015-2018; WR450/450FX 2016-2018
Description:Used set has low hours of riding time. Sent back from a support team.

270mm Floating Rotor Kit-Kawasaki

270mm Floating Rotor Kit-Kawasaki

270mm Floating Rotor Kit-Kawasaki

Price: $149.95
Application: 2006-2017; KX250F/450F
Description:New ON-SALE Price to reduce inventory. These items are brand new and sold for $264.95. The price is greatly reduced on this high quality 270mm Full Floating Wave Rotor made by Galfer exclusively for Ride Engineering to make room for our new solid disc kits arriving soon. This full floating system is made to last and offers a great increase in stopping power over 250mm size. Use on 2006-17 models (2015+ rotor same diameter as stock).

Ride Engineering Bolt-on ("Bling") Kit

Ride Engineering Bolt-on (Bling) Kit

Price: $209.95
Application: 2009-2016 CRF450R/CRF250R
Description: Dealer promotion, its a great way to display our products in your store. Include in kit: Axle Blocks, Engine Plugs & Oil Cap, Front & Rear Master Cylinder Covers, Valve Cap Kit and a Rear Brake Clevis. Also available for Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki (please call: 800 805 1516). These 7 items retail for over $232.00, 10% savings for the customer.

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